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Armchair, c1910: Carl Larsson (in the style of), H. 99 x 52 x 45 cm. Wood, painted, cordwork.
0001: Armchair, c1910Est. €500-€600Lot Passed
Ceiling light, 1920s: Sweden (attributed), H. 86 cm, D. 38 cm. Tubular brass, part silver-plated, painted red.
0002: Ceiling light, 1920sEst. €500-€700Lot Passed
Hall Clock, 1920/30s: Sweden, H. 198 x 54.5 x 24.5 cm. Wooden construction, light grey, gold, plate glass, clear glass. Marked: 22/4, 1956, Tore.
0003: Hall Clock, 1920/30sEst. €700-€900Lot Passed
'ParkbŠnk No. 2', c1922: Folke Bensow, H. 54.5 x 99.5 x 40 cm. Made by NŠfveqvarns Bruk, Sweden. Cast metal, painted green, beech.
0004: 'ParkbŠnk No. 2', c1922Est. €1,500-€1,800
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Side table, 1930s: Frits Henningsen, H. 60 cm, D. 69 cm. Mahogany.
0005: Side table, 1930sEst. €1,200-€1,500
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Armchair, 1930s: Frits Henningsen, H. 91 x 95 x 60 cm. Nutwood, carved, dark grey fabric.
0006: Armchair, 1930sEst. €1,800-€2,000
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'PH-5/5' ceiling light, 1926: Poul Henningsen , H. 115 cm, D. 50 cm. Made by Louis Poulsen, Copenhagen. Chrome-plated tubular brass, sheet aluminium, painted dark yellow and crme-white, glass, matted and opal white. Marked: PAT.
0007: 'PH-5/5' ceiling light, 1926Est. €1,800-€2,000Lot Passed
'Paimio' wardrobe, 1928: Alvar Aalto, H. 204 x 80 x 30 cm. Made by Huonekalu-ja Rakennustyštehdas Oy, Turku. Ply, painted white.
0008: 'Paimio' wardrobe, 1928Est. €3,500-€5,000Lot Passed
Six '611' stacking chairs, 1929: Alvar Aalto, H. 79 x 48.5 x 50 cm. Made by Artek, Helsinki. Birch and birch ply, stained dark.
0009: Six '611' stacking chairs, 1929Est. €2,000-€2,500Lot Passed
Armchair '34/402', 1933: Alvar Aalto , H. 70 x 61.5 x 75 cm. Made by Huonekalu-ja Rakennustyštehdas Oy, Turku. Birch, fabric, striped white/grey. Stamped: 20.
0010: Armchair '34/402', 1933Est. €1,200-€1,500Lot Passed
Four '69' chairs, c1933: Alvar Aalto, H. 74 x 43 x 44.5 cm. Made by Artek, Helsinki. Birch, birch ply, brown/white fabric.
0011: Four '69' chairs, c1933Est. €1,500-€1,800
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'90' side table, 1930s: Alvar Aalto, H. 56 cm, D. 63 cm. Made by Artek, Hedemora, Sweden. Laminated birch ply, birch wood.
0012: '90' side table, 1930sEst. €700-€800Lot Passed
Rocking horse, 1936: Kay Bojesen, H. 45 x 74 x 21 cm. Made by Kay Bojesen, Copenhagen. Beech. Marked: KAY BOJESEN COPYRIGHT DENMARK.
0013: Rocking horse, 1936Est. €200-€300
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Shelf with drawers and mirror, c1936-38: Alvar Aalto, Mirror: H. 120 x 50 x 4 cm; shelf: H. 33.5 x 32.5 x 80 cm. Made by Artek, Helsinki. Birch, laminated birch ply. Marked: Design Aalto Artek.
0014: Shelf with drawers and mirror, c1936-38Est. €1,200-€1,500
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Two 'Eva' armchairs, 1941: Bruno Mathsson, H. 83 x 59 x 71 cm. Made by Bruno Mathsson, VŠrnamo. Birch, birch ply, bent, clear lacquer, hemp, red. Marked: Maker's paper label Bruno Mathsson M¿bler.
0017: Two 'Eva' armchairs, 1941Est. €1,500-€1,800Lot Passed
Ceiling light, 1940s: Paavo Tynell, H. 21.5 x 48.5 x 48.5 cm. Made by Idman Oy, Helsinki. Bast, metal rods, painted white, perforated sheet brass, off-white fabric.
0018: Ceiling light, 1940sEst. €1,000-€1,200Lot Passed
Mirror, 1940/50s: Josef Frank (attributed), 47.5 x 36.5 cm. Made by Svenskt Tenn, Stockholm (attributed). Brass wire, sheet brass, wood.
0019: Mirror, 1940/50sEst. €400-€500Lot Passed
'100/900' serving cart, 1937: Alvar Aalto, H. 58 x 90 x 66 cm. Made by Huonekalu-ja Rakennustyštehdas Oy, Turku (attributed) for Artek, Helsinki. Birch, birch ply, painted light grey and white, yellow Formica, canework.
0020: '100/900' serving cart, 1937Est. €3,000-€3,800
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Two '2424' floor lamps, 1939: Josef Frank, H. 176 cm, D. 23.5 cm. Made by Svenskt Tenn, Stockholm. Tubular brass, sheet brass,sand-coloured fabric shade. Marked: SVENSKT TENN 2424-2, labels S.
0021: Two '2424' floor lamps, 1939Est. €5,000-€6,000Lot Passed
Two magazine racks, 1940/50s: Frits Henningsen, H. 75.5 x 45 x 30 cm. Mahogany, stained dark.
0022: Two magazine racks, 1940/50sEst. €1,000-€1,200Lot Passed
Two armchairs, 1940/50s: Fritz Hansen, H. 81.5 x 59 x 70 cm. Made by Fritz Hansen, Aller¿d. Elmwood, bentwood and ply, grey/brown fabric. Marked: Remains of a transport label, 1774.
0023: Two armchairs, 1940/50sEst. €2,200-€2,500Lot Passed
Floor lamp, 1940/50s: Denmark, H. 162.5 x 60 x 25 cm. Cast iron, tubular brass, glass, matted.
0024: Floor lamp, 1940/50sEst. €800-€900Lot Passed