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Stately Ocean Liner German Ship Carette/Bing
Hubley Cast Iron Harley MotorcycleMarklin German Steam Traction Engine
Palmyra, NJ, United States
Sat, Apr 28, 2018 2:00 PM UTC

Antique Toys, Autographs and Antiques

Spring Auction April 28, 2018 Antique Toys, Autographs and Antiques Tin Toys, German Boats, Tootsietoys, Cast Iron, Pressed Steel, Hot Wheels, Steam Toys, Boxed Toys Antiques, Artist and Cartoonist Autographs from the Platt Collection.
German Steam Engine
$603 Bids
Mamod Brass Steam Engine & Shaft
$201 Bid
Wyandotte Airplane Four Prop
$504 Bids
Wyandotte 4 Motor Airplane
$201 Bid
3 Wyandotte Pressed Steel Airplanes
$605 Bids
Wyandotte Trucks
$302 Bids
Wyandotte & Hubley Dump Trucks
$302 Bids
Slik-Toys Car and Trucks
$201 Bid
1950s Tootsietoy Sedan & Coupes
$201 Bid
1950s Wrecker Truck and Coupe
$201 Bid