Viking, Ancient, & Medieval Jewelry 2019-08-14 Auction - 84 Price Results - Jasper52 in NY
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VIKING PROTECTIVE BROOCH 850-1000 AD.: Gilt bronze, 7/8" diameter. Circular, with ridged outer edge. Worn and textured from burial. Worn in numbers on the surface of the jerkin, these small metal brooches provided a measure of protection
0002: VIKING PROTECTIVE BROOCH 850-1000 AD.Est. $200-$250
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VIKING HEART PENDANT C.900-1050 AD.: 3/4” height. Made by the open mold process. Iconic fully developed form with cusped top and broad edges. The field opened (pierced) with small foliate scrolls at the shoulders. The heart stood for
0010: VIKING HEART PENDANT C.900-1050 AD.Est. $230-$280
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ROMAN LEGIONARIES PENDANT: First-Second century AD. The period of Christ, and the persecution of Christians. Over 1 3/4” height including the suspension loop. Said to represent the Roman gladius sword, these were awarded to
0011: ROMAN LEGIONARIES PENDANTEst. $300-$400Lot Passed
SAXON CROSS 9th-10th CENTURY: The emergence from the Dark Ages is embodied in the rise to power of the Frankish King, Charlemagne in 768 (founder of the Holy Roman Empire after 800) followed by conquering southern Europe from
0014: SAXON CROSS 9th-10th CENTURYEst. $150-$200Lot Passed
FRENCH TREFOIL PENDANT C.1500.: Gilt bronze. Classic form with a small bottom finial. 5/8" height. Professionally refurbished with the gold overlay restored for modern wear. Gift boxed with certificate of authenticity. Reserve:
0019: FRENCH TREFOIL PENDANT C.1500.Est. $125-$150Lot Passed