DOWNSIZING SALE 2019-10-24 Auction - 146 Price Results - Dandelion Wishes & More in CT
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Luminescence Lead Free Glass Crystal Set of 5Murano Art GlassTwo Vintage Mushroom Jars with Lids
Milford, CT, United States
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Tableware, Glassware, Crystal, Plates, mugs, cordials, flutes,highball, rocks, ice buckets, knife sets, ceramic, Mid-Century Modern, Antiques, artwork, painting,wood carving, Murano Art Glass, Pencil Drawing, Waterford, Bombay, Holiday, wine glasses,sundae dishes,Hugo Tapestry.
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Murano Glass 1970's Hand Blown Basket: Striking 3 dimentional Murano Art Glass in Pink, Blue and Teal Color Combination. Hand Blown Glass sculpted into a basket shape, standign 13inches tall and 11x13 in width and length, this unique
0002: Murano Glass 1970's Hand Blown BasketEst. $50-$150
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Homer Laughlin: 14 pieces
0004: Homer LaughlinEst. $80-$225Lot Passed
Strisik's Metal Tray: 20" x 17 1/2" made in Waterbury, CT
0005: Strisik's Metal TrayEst. $20-$50Lot Passed
Oval Black Metal Tray: 24 1/2" x 19 1/2" Floral Design
0006: Oval Black Metal TrayEst. $20-$50Lot Passed
Black Square Metal Tray: 20" x 16" Floral design
0007: Black Square Metal TrayEst. $20-$50Lot Passed
Home Sweet Home Metal Tray: 19" around metal tray
0009: Home Sweet Home Metal TrayEst. $20-$50Lot Passed
Home Sweet Home Metal Tray: 19" around metal tray
0010: Home Sweet Home Metal TrayEst. $20-$50Lot Passed
6 Crystral Wine Glasses: Crystral Wine glasses 7" Tall
0013: 6 Crystral Wine GlassesEst. $90-$180Lot Passed
14 Antique Etched Crystral Goblets: 7" Water Goblets in great condition no chips or no cracks
0016: 14 Antique Etched Crystral GobletsEst. $210-$350
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9" Pottery Bowl: Brown Pottery Bowl
0019: 9" Pottery BowlEst. $20-$40Lot Passed
Bobby Flay Santa Fe 124 oz Pitcher: This is a great 124 oz ceramic pitcher by Bobby Flay in Santa Fe pattern.
0028: Bobby Flay Santa Fe 124 oz PitcherEst. $50-$100
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Vintage Ice Bucket: Totally Retro Ice Bucket comes with lid. Perfect addition to your cocktail collection.
0029: Vintage Ice BucketEst. $40-$90Lot Passed