Glam Bar #2 2019-12-10 Auction - 242 Price Results - Dandelion Wishes & More in CT
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GLAM Shacker!!  READ DETAILSLIMITED NUMBER! Theater Prop Pewter TankardsVintage Libbey Telephone Glasses
Milford, CT, United States
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Glam Bar #2

Dandelions Wishes would first like to thank those who watched, followed and bid on our Glam Bar 1 auction. This private collect from Southern Connecticut just outside New York City is the result of one gentleman?s love of the beauty of glassware and barware. This collection, in its many parts, shows the beauty, humor, and history of glassware from vintage Libbey drinking glasses to props from the NYC Opera at Lincoln Center. Metaphorically glass can be so strong yet shatter so quickly, be dirty yet wipe so clean. Whether you are pouring water from the tap or crafting your favorite cocktail, we hope you enjoy the items you see and follow us to catch the future segments of this massive collection! Tiffany, Ice Buckets, Champagne Flutes, Rock Glasses, Old Fashions, Highball, Lowball, Decanters, Jack Daniels, signed glassware, Etches glasses, Ralph Lauren, Crystal, Limited Number, Rare items, Theater Props, Color glass, stemless, Pewter, Gold, silver, George Briad, GLAM.
Lot Number: Lowest
Cobalt Blue Wine Glasses: Cobalt Blue Wine Glasses a set of 4, no chips or cracks
0010: Cobalt Blue Wine GlassesEst. $30-$70
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Crystal Wine Glasses: Crystal Wine Glasses set of 4, no chips for cracks - the gold around the top of the neck area shows some wear which is normal with age
0011: Crystal Wine GlassesEst. $60-$120Lot Passed
Smoked Rock Glasses: Smoked Rock Glasses set of 6, no chips or crackers
0014: Smoked Rock GlassesEst. $20-$40Lot Passed
Orange and Yellow Fade Pint Glasses: Orange and Yellow Fade Pint Glasses set of 4, no cracks or chips
0023: Orange and Yellow Fade Pint GlassesEst. $15-$40
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