$2 starting bids Estate Sale House part 3 2019-12-03 Auction - 171 Price Results - Dandelion Wishes & More in CT
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Kitchen Table with 4 ChairsNecklaceHoliday /Christmas Stuff
Milford, CT, United States
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$2 starting bids Estate Sale House part 3

This is part 3 of the Estate House in Milford, CT. Kitchen Stuff, Holiday Stuff, Jewelry, Easter stuff, mirrors and more.
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Painting Signed by Bea Baker: Painting Signed by Bea Baker
0001: Painting Signed by Bea BakerEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
Antique Shoe Makers Tool: Antique Shoe Makers Tool
0004: Antique Shoe Makers ToolEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
Cart for shoteage on wheels: Cart for shoteage on wheels
0005: Cart for shoteage on wheelsEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
Butcher Block top and shortage on wheels: Butcher Block top and shortage on wheels
0006: Butcher Block top and shortage on wheelsEst. $20-$100
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Tennis Racquet: Tennis Racquet
0007: Tennis RacquetEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
3 Timers: 3 Timers
0008: 3 TimersEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
Juice Maker - Power Juicer: Juice Maker - Power Juicer
0009: Juice Maker - Power JuicerEst. $20-$100
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Pizzelle Baker: Pizzelle Baker
0010: Pizzelle BakerEst. $20-$100
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Mouli-julienne: Mouli-julienne
0011: Mouli-julienneEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
Assortment of Goodies: Assortment of Goodies
0012: Assortment of GoodiesEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
Assortment of Vases: Assortment of Vases
0013: Assortment of VasesEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
Two Telephones: Two Telephones
0014: Two TelephonesEst. $20-$100
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Bowling Ball: Bowling Ball
0016: Bowling BallEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
leather radio case: leather radio case
0017: leather radio caseEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
Assortment of towels: Assortment of towels
0018: Assortment of towelsEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
Hardware and tools: Hardware and tools
0019: Hardware and toolsEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
Silver-plated trays: Silver-plated trays
0020: Silver-plated traysEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
Roses: Roses
0021: RosesEst. $20-$100Lot Passed
2 - 1/2 Yard of ale glasses: 2 - 1/2 Yard of ale glasses
0022: 2 - 1/2 Yard of ale glassesEst. $20-$100
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Mirror #1: Mirror #1
0023: Mirror #1Est. $20-$100Lot Passed
Mirror #2: Mirror #2
0024: Mirror #2Est. $20-$100Lot Passed