Sebastion Miniature Figurines starting at $1 2020-02-12 Auction - 95 Price Results - Dandelion Wishes & More in CT
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Milford, CT, United States
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Sebastion Miniature Figurines starting at $1

Sebastian Miniatures are small decorative figurines. History & Description First produced in 1938 by Prescott W. Baston, many pieces are modeled on classic literary characters, scenes of life and historical figures such as George Washington. Many sculptures were also manufactured specifically for commercial purposes. For example, in the 1950s Jell-O used Sebastian Miniatures for its in-store promotions. Following his father?s death in 1984, Prescott W. Baston Jr. (also known as Woody) took over the business and continues to design and create figurines.
Lot Number: Lowest
Weekend Trolling: Weekend Trolling
0001: Weekend TrollingEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
Colonial Lace Maker: PW Baston, 1951
0002: Colonial Lace MakerEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
The Corner Drug Store: PW Baston, 1949
0003: The Corner Drug StoreEst. $20-$150
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Dame Van Winkle: PW Baston, 1981, Sebastian Collector's Society
0004: Dame Van WinkleEst. $20-$150
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Jimmy: PW Baston 1946
0005: JimmyEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
Johnny Appleseed: PW Baston 1967
0006: Johnny AppleseedEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
John F Kennedy: PW Baston 1962
0007: John F KennedyEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
Drummer Boy: PW Baston 1968
0008: Drummer BoyEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
Armstrong Savin' Sandy: PW Baston
0009: Armstrong Savin' SandyEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
Rip Van Winkle: PW Baston 1980, Sebastian Collector's Society
0010: Rip Van WinkleEst. $20-$150
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Bringing Home The Tree: PW Baston, 1981
0011: Bringing Home The TreeEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
Huckleberry Finn: PW Baston, 1948
0013: Huckleberry FinnEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
Jack and Jill went…: PW Baston, 1949
0014: Jack and Jill went…Est. $20-$150Lot Passed
Christmas Morning: PW Baston, 1984
0015: Christmas MorningEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
Amish Man: PW Baston, 1947, chipped
0016: Amish ManEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
George Washington: George Washington
0017: George WashingtonEst. $20-$150
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Cranberry Picker: PW Baston 1930
0018: Cranberry PickerEst. $20-$150
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Captain John Smith: PW Baston 1948
0019: Captain John SmithEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
Colonial Blacksmith: PW Baston, 1970
0021: Colonial BlacksmithEst. $20-$150
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First Teddy: PW Baston Jr, 1984
0022: First TeddyEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
Farmer: PW Baston
0023: FarmerEst. $20-$150Lot Passed
Schete Eye Institute: PW Baston, 1948
0024: Schete Eye InstituteEst. $20-$150Lot Passed