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The Vermont Birdstone. "The finest of all the Porphyry3 15/16" Quartz Butterfly Bannerstone.  Meadows COA.Goodwin's Slate Bannerstone.  Slate masterpiece.  Pict.
DoneFeb 22, 2020 4:08 PM EST
Shelbyville, IN, United States
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Prehistoric Artifact Auction

We are pleased to present an exclusive offering of the Gary Cuckler Collection. During the past 25+ years, Gary Cuckler quietly assembled an astounding prehistoric artifact collection. From his slice of paradise in rural Iowa, Mr. Cuckler put together a varied assemblage of superb relics. He began collecting flint artifacts during a time when several old collections were being offered. You'll see many familiar old collector names in the artifact histories provided. Gary's Dovetail frame was assembled from some of the finest collections and remained intact for two decades. From top to bottom, this will be the finest offering of Dovetails in years. Gary's growing interest in Bannerstones and Axes brought him into contact with Bruce Filbrandt (author of Keokuk Axes), Tommy Beutell, Maury Meadows and many other well-known collectors. Several fine Axes originally in the Filbrandt collection grace this sale, many being pictured in prominent publications. Gary developed a fascination for Bannerstones and other hardstone artifacts. A beautiful Quartz Winged Butterfly Bannerstone highlights this auction. Well documented, its perfection and color make it a premier Bannerstone for any collection. Judge Payne's Porphyry Crescent Bannerstone is one of several Bannerstones being sold that were documented in Byron Knoblock's Bannerstone Book (1937). The highlight of the Cuckler auction is "The Vermont Birdstone". A porphyry masterpiece, Earl Townsend referred to it as "the finest of all Porphyry Fantails". It is one of the finest Birdstones to ever be offered at public auction. It is prominently pictured in numerous publications. Collections like this don?t come around very often. The Cuckler collection of prehistoric art offers a variety of fine and documented pieces. After two and a half decades of enjoyment, Gary is pleased to be passing these artifacts back to the prehistoric artifact collecting community.
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