Asian Art & Antiques 2020-02-19 Auction - 128 Price Results - Jasper52 in NY
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Antique Japanese Sword - A 1500: Title: Antique Japanese Sword - A 1500's Tanto by Kiyomitsu (Signed)Origin: JapanDate/Period: 1500'sDimensions: 7 3/8 Kissaki to Habaki A 1550's Bizen Tanto signed by "Kiyomitsu". This is an
0001: Antique Japanese Sword - A 1500Est. $1,500-$2,000
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Two panel byobu-screen: Two panel byobu-screen, each panel mounted with a polychrome anonymous painting of birds of prey perched in a pine-tree. Bakumatsu – Early Meiji Period (c. 1850 – 1880). Size: H. : 165 cm, W. :
0002: Two panel byobu-screenEst. $1,500-$2,000Lot Passed
Rare set of 2 six panel byobu screens: Important and rare set of two six panel byobu screens both decorated with an anonymous polychrome Kano-style painting on gold leaf. One screen depicts two large auspicious shishi-lions among tree
0009: Rare set of 2 six panel byobu screensEst. $21,000-$25,000
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Antique Japanese Sword - A 1500: Title: Antique Japanese Sword - A 1500's Wakazashi by SukesadaOrigin: JapanDate/Period: 1500'sDimensions: 14 7/8 Kissaki to Habaki An Bizen Wakazashi, attributed to Sukesada. Sukesada is a name
0011: Antique Japanese Sword - A 1500Est. $700-$800
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wooden kanban-signboard: Heavy rectangular keyaki (zelkova) wooden kanban-signboard for the Takatô-shop of the Nisshin Seifun Compagny (a flour milling company established in 1907), with a central motive of a white crane.
0020: wooden kanban-signboardEst. $600-$700Lot Passed
Large painting from Hayashi Tomoki: Very large subtle painting of a girl seen from behind while she rests with one leg on a chair, color on paper in a frame by the Nihonga painter from Aichi Province Hayashi Tomoki (1957), sealed with
0021: Large painting from Hayashi TomokiEst. $2,500-$3,000Lot Passed
Japanese screen: Japanese 6 panel byobu screen, depicting Kyoto scenes on a gold leaf background. Edo period (1603-1868). Size: H. : 173,5 cm W. : . 63,5 cm ( x6) Total width: 381 cm. Ref. No. : 83055A
0022: Japanese screenEst. $2,000-$2,500
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Set of 2 six panel screens: Set of 2 six-panel byobu screens. Ink, colour and gold leaf on paper, decorated with different kinds of flowers and foliage. Edo period (1603-1868) Size of each screen: H. : 172,5 cm W. : 62,5 cm (
0023: Set of 2 six panel screensEst. $10,000-$12,000Lot Passed
Byobu screen Kano-school: Two panel byobu screen with a Kan?-school tinted monochrome painting on sprinkled gold, depicting (right) the Chinese Immortal Qin Kao (Kink? sennin) sitting on his carp and (left) the Turtle
0024: Byobu screen Kano-schoolEst. $1,500-$2,000Lot Passed
By?bu-screen Kan?-style: Large two panel by?bu-screen with an almost round polychrome anonymous Kan?-style painting on a gold leaf ground depicting Chinese gentlemen enjoying themselves with Chinese chess (qi) and cither
0026: By?bu-screen Kan?-styleEst. $2,000-$2,500Lot Passed
Scroll in style of Kunisada: Hanging scroll (kakejiku) with a polychrome anonymous painting of a geisha in an elaborate dress with peony design the style of Kunisada, mounted with a handpainted silk border showing sparrows in
0027: Scroll in style of KunisadaEst. $1,000-$1,200Lot Passed
Scroll Nihonga style painting: Hanging scroll (kakejiku) with a polychrome Nihonga-style painting of rabbits playing under a bright full moon. Signed: K?zan (Fujishima K?zan) and dated: winter in the year b?shin (1908). In two
0028: Scroll Nihonga style paintingEst. $1,100-$1,500Lot Passed