16th-20th Century Antiquarian Maps 2021-04-27 Auction - 175 Price Results - Jasper52 in NY
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World in double hemisphere: Title: World in double hemisphereDate/Period: 1861Materials: Steel engraved.Size: 27x17 3/4” By A. J. Johnson & J. H Colton. From "Johnson's New Illustrated Family Atlas' published in New York.
0004: World in double hemisphereEst. $50-$60Lot Passed
(Eastern United States): Title: (Eastern United States)Publisher: Denoyer-GeppertHeight: 49Width: 30 Good depiction of how terrain, rainfall and flow of water affects development of our country. United States east of
0006: (Eastern United States)Est. $200-$250Lot Passed
1882 Map of the Austrian Empire: Author: BlackieTitle: 1882 Map of the Austrian EmpireMedium: Ink on PaperDimensions: 21"X15" Map of the Austrian Empire dated 1882. Part of the Comprehensive Atlas & Geography of the World. Engraved
0007: 1882 Map of the Austrian EmpireEst. $50-$60
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1821 Map of France: Author: LotTitle: 1821 Map of FranceMedium: Ink on PaperDimensions: 10"X8" Map of France dated 1821. Drawn by F. Herrison and engraved by G. Lot. Published in Paris and Marseille. Map key located
0008: 1821 Map of FranceEst. $40-$50Lot Passed
1887 Map of Arizona: Author: WatsonTitle: 1887 Map of ArizonaMedium: Ink on PaperDimensions: 10.5"X14.5" Map of Arizona dated 1887. Printed and published by Watson in Chicago. Part of his World Atlas. Key lower left.
0012: 1887 Map of ArizonaEst. $30-$40Lot Passed
1889 Map of Washington: Author: WatsonTitle: 1889 Map of WashingtonMedium: Ink on PaperDimensions: 14.5"X11" Map of Washington state dated 1889. Engraved and published by Watson in Chicago. Map was published right at the
0017: 1889 Map of WashingtonEst. $30-$40Lot Passed
1888 Map of Wyoming: Author: WatsonTitle: 1888 Map of WyomingMedium: Ink on PaperDimensions: 14"X10.5" Map of Wyoming dated 1888. Engraved and published by Watson in Chicago. Key upper right. Color coded for territorial
0021: 1888 Map of WyomingEst. $30-$40
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Johnson's Australia: Title: Johnson's AustraliaCartographer: JOHNSON AND WARDPublisher: JOHNSON AND WARDHeight: 13Width: 15.25 Details 5 districts with counties (numbered to reference tables), topography, etc. 93.
0022: Johnson's AustraliaEst. $90-$110Lot Passed
1886 Map of Japan: Author: BlackieTitle: 1886 Map of JapanMedium: Ink on PaperDimensions: 10.5"X15" Map of Japan dated 1886. Part of the Imperial Atlas of Modern Geography. This was the revised edition under the
0023: 1886 Map of JapanEst. $30-$40
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Azerbaijan S.S.R.: Title: Azerbaijan S.S.R.Height: 28Width: 36 Colorful chart due to rugged mountain terrain in orange contrasting to green river valleys and delta, plus gray shading to dark blue as depth of
0024: Azerbaijan S.S.R.Est. $350-$400Lot Passed