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Black History1800s African Slave Head Design Fired Clay Pipe Bowl1800s Mid 19th Century, Black History Related African Slave Head Portrait Pipe Bowl Design, made of Fired Clay, Fine.Authentic Black Hi


Black History1838 Partially-Printed Official Tax Receipt with SLAVES1838-Dated, Partially-Printed Official Receipt For Taxes Paid On Slaves And Other Property, Grayson County (likely Virginia), Two Sl

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Black History1826 (Auctioneering) Payment Kentucky Slave Auctioneer's "Crying" Fee on a Negro Slave Very Rare Original Receipt February 17th 1826-Dated, Manuscript Document Signed, "Wm. Hughs," Invoic


Black History1805 Charleston Newspaper Ad for Slave "City Badges"January 22, 1805-Dated, Newspaper "CHARLESTON COURIER," with Slavery Related Ads for "City Badges, for the year 1805" and "Africans For


Black HistoryBlack Woman "Suffragette" Satirical Bisque Figurinec. 1880 Woman's Suffrage, titled "Suffragette" Satirical Hand-Painted White Bisque Unglazed China that is meant not to be glazed but is


Black History1838 Slavery Manumission "Deed of Emancipation" Manuscript Official Document Listing Four Named Slaves Being FreedDecember 12, 1838-Dated, Manuscript Document Signed, Slave Deed of Manum


Black History1865 Dated "Emancipation Leaders" Photographic Collage1865-Dated Civil War Period, Photographic Collage titled, "EMANCIPATION LEADERS," with President Abraham Lincoln and V.P. Hannibal Ha


Black History1838 Anti-Slavery "Am I Not A Woman And A Sister"1838-Dated, Anti-Slavery Hard Times Token, "Am I Not A Woman And A Sister." Copper, Rulau 81 (Low 54), Choice Extremely Fine.This high qua


Black History"The Nature and Power of the Slave States" Imprint by Josiah Quincy re: Power the Slave States over the Free StatesJune 5, 1856-Dated Imprint titled, "The Nature and Power of the Slave St


Black History1838 Anti-Slavery "Am I Not A Woman And A Sister"1838-Dated, Anti-Slavery Hard Times Token, "Am I Not A Woman And A Sister." Copper, Rulau 81. (Low 54), Extremely Fine.Anti-Slavery Token


Black HistoryOctober 18, 1858-Dated Poem, "Mathetican Anniversary", Author Unknown, with Slavery Inferences driven by Greed for GoldOctober 18, 1858-Dated Header Pre Civil War, Manuscript Poem titled,


Black History1854 Imprint: "The Landmark of Freedom." by Charles Sumner his Speech "Against the Repeal of the Missouri Prohibition of Slavery" Territories of Nebraska & KansasFebruary 21, 1854-Dated,


Black HistoryMaryland AGAINST THE STATE CONSTITUTION Ballot Against the new State Constitution which Outlawed Slavery1864-Dated Civil War Period Paper Ballot from the Maryland Constitutional Conventio


Black History1899 Frederick Douglass Monument Unveiling New YorkJune 9, 1899-Dated, Rare FREDERICK DOUGLASS Monument Committee Printed Card from the Unveiling of the Frederick Douglass Monument, Roche


Black History1858 Slavery Debate "Admission of the State of Kansas"March 12, 1858-Dated Imprint titled, "Admission of the State of Kansas, A Speech by Hon. R. M. T. Hunter of Virginia," Choice Very Fi


Black HistoryRare "Freedom National: Slavery Sectional" Charles Sumner Speech "On his motion to repeal the Fugitive Slave Bill..."August 26, 1852-Dated, Imprint titled "Freedom National: Slavery Secti


Black History1837 "In respect to Petitions to Congress for the Abolition of Slavery in the District of Columbia." Congress' ImprintJanuary 17, 1837-Dated, 24th U.S. Congress, 2nd Session Imprint title


Black History1860 "Freedom National --- Slavery Sectional. SPEECH of the Hon. S. H. Hammond, Governor's Message In Senate"February 1860-Dated, "IN SENATE" Imprint titled, "Speech of the Hon. S.H. Hamm


Black History1838 "Fifth Annual Report Of The Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society," published in Boston w/Life Members1838-Dated Booklet titled, "Fifth Annual Report Of The Boston Female Anti-Slavery S


Black HistoryU.S. Constitution Preamble is Discussed Regarding Black History and Slavery for the "ADMISSION OF KANSAS"c. 1859 "ADMISSION OF KANSAS", A Battle Between Mr. (Alexander Hamilton) Stephens


Black History"What is Slavery and what is Freedom?" Debate on the Lecompton Constitution on Kansas Admission to the UnionFebruary 2, 1858-Dated, Imprint titled, "SPEECH OF HON. JAMES HUGHES, OF INDIAN


Black HistoryCivil War Era Black History and Slavery Sermon Imprint titled: "The Character and Influence of Abolitionism." December 9, 1860-Dated Civil War Era, Imprint titled, "The Character and Infl


Abraham Lincoln Related"The President has squashed the Hunter manifesto. - Hurrah for old Abe" 1862 Telegraph Celebrating Abraham Lincoln on Slavery Nullified David Hunter's order May 19th, 1862May 19

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