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221: Jimi Hendrix First Burnt Guitar

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Jimi Hendrix Fender Stratocaster From Finsbury Astoria 31st March 1967 Jimi Hendrix came to England in 1966 after being discovered by Chas Chandler at the cafe Wha in New York. With him that night was the young press officer, Tony Garland. While Chas stayed in New York doing deals Tony returned to England and in September 1966 met Jimi and Chas at Heathrow and persuaded the immigration officials to let this young 'songwriter' in to collect some royalties. After helping audition the band that became the Jimi Hendrix experience Tony Garland became general office manager for the Anim group. Hendrix played the Finsbury Astoria on the Walker brothers tour on 31st March 1967 and he and Chas decided that on that opening night of the tour Jimi should do something spectacular with his act. Tony went and bought some lighter fluid and the the rest is history. Jimi was reprimanded and then packaged off to hospital Tony and Chas went to Legends and celebrated. The guitar came back to the office and then when the management changed their offices it ended up at Noel Redding's house, after that Tony took it and other office items to his own flat and then to his parents and ultimately his Nephew's house where it remained until 2007. The Fame Bureau were presented with this item early 2008 and began their research. The guitar comes with a signed and witnessed letter from Tony Garland, a DvD of the Fame Bureau interview with him and guitar experts and journalists from Guitar and Bass magazine, the ceremonial re-stringing of the guitar and photos of Tony and Jimi together in London. Estimate GBP250000-500,000 USD500000-1,000,000 Magazine photograpgs courtesy of Guitar and Bass Magazine June Issue The Fame Bureau investigation of the guitar is on

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