Clean Out Sale 2020-01-01 Auction - 51 Price Results - Dandelion Wishes & More in CT
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Seven MugsSix DVDPitchers and Carafes
Milford, CT, United States
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Clean Out Sale

Clean Out Sale from glassware to DVD
Lot Number: Lowest
Six Glasses and 1 Pitcher: Six Glasses and 1 Pitcher
0001: Six Glasses and 1 PitcherEst. $25-$100
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Six Glassware: Six Glassware
0003: Six GlasswareEst. $25-$100
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Six more Glassware: Six more Glassware
0004: Six more GlasswareEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
Shot Glasses: Shot Glasses
0006: Shot GlassesEst. $25-$100
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Cookie Jar: Cookie Jar
0007: Cookie JarEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
Conditioners: Conditioners
0008: ConditionersEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
Glassware: Glassware
0009: GlasswareEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
More Glassware: More Glassware
0010: More GlasswareEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
Glassware: Glassware
0011: GlasswareEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
More Glassware: More Glassware
0012: More GlasswareEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
Pitchers and Carafes: Pitchers and Carafes
0013: Pitchers and CarafesEst. $25-$100
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Rock Glasses and Pitcher: Rock Glasses and Pitcher
0014: Rock Glasses and PitcherEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
Corelle bowls and plates: Corelle bowls and plates
0015: Corelle bowls and platesEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
Ice Bucket with Glass inside: Ice Bucket with Glass inside
0016: Ice Bucket with Glass insideEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
Extra Large Mug: Extra Large Mug
0017: Extra Large MugEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
Glass Pours: Glass Pours
0019: Glass PoursEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
Mugs plus More: Mugs plus More
0020: Mugs plus MoreEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
Children Tea Set: Children Tea Set
0022: Children Tea SetEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
Wine Glasses: Wine Glasses
0023: Wine GlassesEst. $25-$100Lot Passed
Beer Glasses: Beer Glasses
0024: Beer GlassesEst. $25-$100Lot Passed