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Piazza d'Italia
OggettiCavallo e Cavaliere
Milano, Italy
DoneNov 11, 2015 2:00 PM UTC

Art and Photography of the XX Century

Modern art is a very dynamic sector, this department will propose artworks from the XX century. Finarte wants to deliver a tailor made service during the purchase and trade of artworks at auction, the experts keep a constant eye on the modern art market trends and its flow by studying the main causes that influence this area. The photography department wants to give the correct positioning to this artistic field, that has internationally gained great relevance in the art market. Photography is very much appreciated by young collectors and investors, a sector in great development with very good quotations. Thanks to Finarte, Italian collectors will finally be able to assist in the photography auction. The photography auction will be structured in order to satisfy passionate collectors, the catalogues will involve great masters and contemporary photographers.
Organismi cosmici
Senza titolo
Ulivi a Bordighera
Il deportato
Senza titolo
Femme au turban
Cavallo e Cavaliere
La Viande
Piazza d'Italia
Il Gioco del Diablo
Natura morta marina
Giocatori di biliardo
Paesaggio marino