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Only approx. 25 of these cameras were produced to test the market in 1923, two years before the commercial introduction of the Leica A. The offered camera is in beautiful and fully working condition,

Only approx. 25 of these cameras were produced to test the market in 1923, 2 years before the commercial introduction of the Leica A. The camera is in excellent and fully working condition (a small mi

This is the very first production Leica M camera with prototype dual-lever Summicron 2/5cm no.922006. Leitz company reserved the numbers from 700001 for the new M3 in 1953. Though some books list no.7

The MP2 is a modified, professional version of the Leica M2, equipped with a special electric motor drive. It has been made in a test series of only 27 examples, only 6 of them (with serial numbers 93

This famous camera, the 'One Millionth Leica', was presented to Dr. Ludwig Leitz by Willi Stein, the 'Father' of the Leica M3, in fine original condition, with matching and mint CF Summicron 2/50mm, e

It Was At The “Photokina” Fair In Cologne In 1956 When The New Leica Mp Was Introduced To The Public. It Was Much More Than A Mere Variation Of The Leica M3. It Was The Only Serial Model Which Has

The offered motor no. 10006 is the earliest example known to exist and, like the camera, is in near mint and perfect working condition. It was delivered on October, 27th 1941 to Bln. Berlin. The motor

Initially, Leica early MP was custom-made for a very few professional photographers and reporters in 1957. With Leicavit, the user can quickly shoot up to two frames per second without taking the came

Unique outfit of original Leitz gold plated 'Luxus' camera with brown lizard leather covering and 2 gold plated lenses (Summar 2/5cm no.190131, Elmar 3.5/3.5cm no.182545). History of this outfit: It c

The one and only I Mod. C 'Luxus' in 100% original and fine condition. Originally a Leica I Mod.A the camera was shipped on March 13th, 1930 with delivery number 02358 to Berlin. With gold plated meta

Extremely rare M3 prototype (pre-series, produced as test camera in 1952/53). The camera is in almost mint original and perfect working condition, with all original features including film advance lev

SERIAL NO. 1112833, N/ALeitz Wetzlar rare Leica MP camera in black paint finish. Very interesting this camera shows an M3 serial number. The top plate is a regular Leica MP top plate. There have been

two original Leica prototypes: 1. unengraved chrome Leica (CL), this camera made in Wetzlar is different in many aspects to the later serial model, chrome finish, the length is about 3mm shorter than

To celebrate 50 th birthday of his majesty, Sultan Brunei ordered the special limited edition from Leica in 1995. Just few pieces with diamond on the top plate edition, There rarities, the special n

Black paint MP in fantastic mint and original never restored condition, 'P 89' engraved on chassis, still 'L' sealed. With matching and mint Leicavit MP and very early black paint Summilux 1.4/50mm no

Black paint MP in almost mint and original, never restored condition, with matching Leivavit MP and black paint Summicron 2/5 cm no.1468952, casting no. 111802, P 99 engraved on chassis, original ever

The MP-2 was the first experimental M cameras with electric motor drive built in the late 1950's, Only 21 chrome cameras were produced, less than 10 are known to exist with the original electric motor

In the year 1936 Leitz introduced a Leica camera for 10 meters of film – the Leica 250 or the “Reporter.†As can be seen from the designation, 250 shots (full 35mm format) could be ma

The Famous Leica Iiig Black Paint Outfit, Including A Beautiful Camera Body No.909908, A Unique Black-Painted Summarit 1.5/5Cm No.1120021 (Good Optics, With Hood), Partially Black Painted Elmarit 2.8/

One of the most rare and unusual accessories in beautiful and 100% original condition. Special viewfinder engraved with serial number 123, E.LEITZ INC. NEW-YORK, modified PLOOT mirror housing no. 2437

fantastic outfit including very early M3 body no.700051 in beautiful, original condition, all early features including corner on top plate, engraved 'Leica Technik 53' on rear of top plate, with 3 pro

SERIAL NO. 746572, 1955 From the first owner, a professional photographer in USA who bought it new, here is a super rare, authentic and very first batch black paint Leica M3 double stroke outfit. This

One of only two known M3 cameras originally gold plated by Leitz with gold plated collapsible Summicron 2/5cm no.1379604, gold plated cap, gold plated Leica Meter MC no.51310. According to delivery re

This is the fifth production Leica M camera. It is one of the earliest known to exist in 100% original condition and for sure the best preserved one! Leitz reserved the numbers from 700001 on for the


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