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Linnea Pergola Original Milk Can 42nd Street New York

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Artist Linnea Pergola has transformed this old milk can into a unique object of art. A vibrant scene of the legendary 42nd Street covers this large metal can. All the big shows of the time are shown in bright lights, and portrayed in the artist's own imaginative style. The exciting New York images are accented by whimsical borders composed of a taxicab checkerboard pattern, and skylines. * Artist: Linnea PergolaTitle: "42nd Street"Medium: Acrylic on a metal milk can Signed: "Linnea" blended into the image, on one of the signs in the backgroundSize: 23 1/2 inches high, 13 1/2 inches in diameter at the base, and 9 inches in diameter at the opening Condition: ExcellentA dazzling display of both country and city charm, this milk can is a unique piece of original art. It will be wonderful to display in your home or business, especially for anyone involved in theater, dance and live entertainment! * Biography: * Linnea Pergola (1953-_) was born in Los Angeles, and developed an interest in travel. She joined the Peace Corps out of college, and was stationed in Southeast Asia. Her further explorations of foreign lands led her to Europe, Russia, and to the East Coast of the United States. This wanderlust became the inspiration for her art. She draws and paints various locales with an imaginative flair. Her art is well loved for its na ve charm and originality. *

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