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Chinese gilt bronze Luohan figure commands nearly $1M at Dumouchelles
Chinese gilt bronze Luohan figure commands nearly $1M at Dumouchelles

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Song Dynasty

The Song Dynasty was one of the most culturally rich periods in history of China that lasted from the 10th century to the 13th century. During this period, arts and culture flourished while artists created exceptional monumental landscape paintings focusing on family or village scenes, making this genre one of the most popular in China. In the Song Dynasty, ceramics were some of the most complicated works of art, coming in different clays, glazes and decorative types. Typically, ceramic pieces are often characterized by simple shapes and light-colored subtly hewed glazes, while the principal decorative motifs include flowers, like lotus, peonies, and hibiscus. From tea bowls with black glazes to extremely rare calligraphy plates, scrolls, bronze sculptures and more - you can expect to find magnificent treasures in this large selection of Song Dynasty pieces.