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News about egyptian art

Authenticated ancient art, artifacts and jewelry emerge at Apollo Dec. 17

Authenticated ancient art, artifacts and jewelry emerge at Apollo Dec. 17

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Egyptian Art Auctions

Canosan Olpe w/ Goddesses, Satyrs, Heracles - TL'd
Fine Acoma Olla w/ Parrots by Marie S. JuanicoNapoleon Waterloo Pewter Chess Set by Manfred Baeuerle

Ancient | Asian | Ethnographic | Fine Art

Starts on:
United StatesLouisville, CO, US
1 day Left
Art Deco Vaseline Uranium Glass Rolls Royce ' Flying Lady ' 1930' H.Hoffmann Sculpture
Art Deco Malachite Jade Glass Vase 1930' H.Hoffmann ( No Reserve Price )Art Deco 1930' Vaseline Uranium Collectible Glass Mascot Spirit Of The Wind H.Hoffmann by Lalique


Starts on:
Czech RepublicKamenne Zehrovice, Czech Republic, CZ
3 days Left