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Bidder Reviews for Militaria Auctions (21)

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Hermanville-sur-mer, FR

Jul 10, 2022
Crainte lev é e
J'h é sitais à acheter aux ench è res à l 'é tranger m ê me si c'est en Europe. J'ai pass é le pas avec Militaria Auctions car leur ventes sont tr è s interessantes. C à c'est bien pass é car, ils m'ont conseille thepackenger pour s'occuper de mes items, cela c'est formidablement bien pass é avec ses derniers alors que d'autres n'ont pas m ê me pas r é pondu à mes demandes de devis. Je retenterai le coup avec eux.

Cormeray, FR

Feb 01, 2022
As usual: TOP!!!
Since this auction exists, I have always followed it. I've never had any issues with payment or shipping. All prizes won have been shipped with all due care! A serious auction house that offers very beautiful objects in very good conditions!

Dania, FL

Jul 29, 2021
Know what you buy!
Don't trust the auction house to be accurate on the originality of the item. fake/post war items are listed as original.

Edmonton, CA

Aug 05, 2021
They have difficulty responding to currency conversion

Fetesti, RO

Dec 20, 2021
Very expensive postage!
Very expensive postage. Inside Europe I paid 180 Eur for 1.5kg with an Belgian Courier (the one and only approved by Auction House). The auction house doesnt respect yhe client, slowly communication, past over 45 days until they put package on courier. They doesnt send, and expect the local courier to come and take items won, after you paid a lot of money for postage. Very, very expensive! I triple my costs of winning bid with this Auction House because they doesnt offer in-house shipping!

Manassas, VA

Jun 07, 2022
2 Months Later Item Not Received
I won 2 lots in an auction in early April and 2 months later I have not received one of them. I have sent email after email and the auction house does not respond or provide a useless response. In addition the one item I did receive appears to be a fraud, it was supposed to be a folder from the Fuhrer Bunker and it looks like it was bought at Office Max a couple years ago. Combine this with not providing the second item and this equates to fraud. The other reviews shown on here provide a history of the same type of unethical activity. I have asked for a refund and have not received a response again. I am filing complaints with Live Auctioneers and U. S and Belgian authorities to investigate for potential international fraud activities.
Adjudantur der Wehrmacht beim Fuhrer.

Redditch, GB

Nov 04, 2021
SCAM Artistes
Won items over six months ago, not received items or a refund. This Auction House can not be trusted.

Blainville, CA

Sep 03, 2021
Very poor customer service/Service à la client è le pourri
Items sent 9 weeks (over 2 months) after auction ended. 3-5 days to get answers to emails. Auctioneer subcontracted shipping to MBE who were on holiday as auction closed (poor timing). MBE 'forgot' the 2 emails I sent and offered 20 euros compensation for outrageous delay. Package came in a very small box so they could save on shipping while charging me premium. SA kepi was crushed & twisted and packed flat as a pancake, so sweatband was heavily damaged. Nice items but not worth the pain and frustration when there is so much competition. 3-5 jours pour retour courriels l'encanteur. Livraison sous-contract é e à MBE qui a pris ses vacances annuelles à la fermeture l'encan! Paquet livr é 9 semaines apr è s fermeture l'encan. MBE a 'oubli é' mes 2 courriels et offert un rabais 20 euros pour compenser! À la r é ception du tr è s petit paquet (pour diminuer leur co û t malgr é la pleine charge pour moi), k é pi SA é tait é cras é, emball é à plat et pli é/tordu comme un chiffon ce qui a occasionn é des dommages majeurs à la bande anti-sueur. Bons items mais il y a tellements d'encans que celui-ci ne vaut pas les ennuis et l'attitude d é sinvolte à subir.

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